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Khutsala Mthombo Clean Water Scheme Upgrade

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

New water for the New Day for Children Foundation Care Center

The Khutsala community is located in the Motshane area west of Mbabane adjacent to the community of Bosho Mafutha where MOSS had previously committed to a water scheme for the region. The Bosho Mafutha community connected the Khutsala community with MOSS.

In the background of the new day care center various children play on playground equipment. A young child pokes out her tongue and points her finger at a glass of fresh water she is holding.
A child enjoys a glass of fresh water at the New Day Care Center

In 1992, members of the community in Motshane, Eswatini pooled together funds to install a borehole system to access clean water. This bore was then connected to a 30,000 litre concrete tank which serviced 18 homesteads. Despite the communities best efforts to maintain the system for almost 30 years, the concrete tank began to fail, leaking water as soon as the tank was filled and becoming a health hazard in the process affecting all those who relied on the system for water.

The nearby New Day for Children Foundation Care Center was also experiencing issues with the stability of the tank stand supporting its 5,000 litre tank and was paying large sums of money for water to be tankered to the site. Money that would be better spent on buying food for the 16 orphaned and vulnerable children who rely on the center for daily care, education and meals. The center is a valuable asset to the community and provides humanitarian support to other children and their families also.

MOSS stepped up to address these challenges and restore clean water to the Motshane community by delivering an upgrade on the existing system. In December of 2020, MOSS visited the community and were shown the existing water system in order to assess what was need for the new water scheme. As standard in MOSS projects, the community contributed in kind contribution via labor works included trenching, fencing and concreting. This project was approved for delivery in March 2020.

The upgrades were delivered by MOSS Foundation Africa alongside the local community and included the installation two new 10,000 liter tanks to replace the damaged existing tank. In addition, water filtration was added, a tap to access the water was added, and replacement of several other ageing components undertaking such as piping. The tank at the New Day care center was stabilised and connected to the borehole system.

A close shot of the two new green plastic water tanks, each 10,000L and some tree branches in the back
The two new replacement tanks installed by MOSS

The project was a huge success with clean filtered water access was restored to the community. The New Day Care Center now has clean water to their kitchen, flush toilets and two stand pipes for children to wash their hands and access water. These two little ones are pleased with the outcome. This project was handed over to the community on October 2021.

Two very happy recipients of the MOSS Khutsala Water Scheme

MOSS would like to extend a special thank you to Howard Winitsky from the ‘New Day for Children Foundation’ for his support with this project.


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