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A very big THANK YOU to our 2023 Volunteers

We couldn't do what we do without the many hands that volunteer their time and talents to bring together our MOSS Deck Art Show Events. Year on year we have wonderful supporters who help turn Art into Water.

From behind the scenes administration, organisation and event planning through to picking up decks, setting up venues and serving drinks and food. Every little bit counts to make our shows a success.

We are always looking for volunteers, not just in show season but for all the other behind the scenes work required to keep MOSS moving forward. You can hit us up at the contact page if your keen to give us a hand.

Dave Ross

All round superstar!
Admin, event set up and bar service.

Michael Haythornthwaite


Landon Krivanec

Bar Service

Eugene Docherty

Event Bump In and Out

Graham Edwards

General event support

Lily Razuki

All round superstar!
Admin, event set up and bar service.



Evena Mudjaja

Bar Service

Rowan Docherty

Event bump in, Bar Service

Chris Hatten

Bar Service

Oliver Altermatt





RMIT Volunteer

Bar Service

Cathy Docherty

Event Bump In

Jo Travis

Social media, artist recruitment

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