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Water Projects


Jubukweni Primary & High Schools

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Clean water for 590 students.

After more than 3 years of planning and preparation the permanent clean water scheme for the Jubukweni Primary & High Schools in rural eSwatinia is nearing completion. The current school population is 590 people, with more than 2100 people expected to pass through the Jubukweni schools over 20 years. MOSS Foundation’s investment amounts to just AUD$16.12 per person currently, or AUD$4.34 per person over a 20 year period. That’s just USD$3.05 to change the life of a child.

These photos show progress with 1 of the 3 dams, construction of a tank stand for some of the 11 water tanks as well as laying pipes in some of the 1,300 metres of hand dug trenches. The school community are contributing around 1,850 days of volunteer “sweat equity” labor to help change the lives of their kids.

A cattle trough will also be installed to protect from damage by wandering animals and preventing the contamination of the water caused by livestock.

How a Sand Dam works

This project utilises the MOSS Foundation Sand Dam design. Below is a little schematic demonstrating how our sand dams function.

A big thanks to Bruce Jameson, and his hard working Site Supervisor Hendry Dlamini. Your extraordinary drive, hard work, expertise and ‘can do’ approach ensure projects like this succeed, against all the odds.


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